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Veterinary Homeopathy

orry, this entire website is currently not available in English. However, I am perfectly bilingual, which makes my services available to English speakers without any language barriers. That is, if you don't speak Spanish all that well, your companion can still benefit of my helping him/her, should you like me to do so.

My clinical practice is devoted exclusively to the homeopathic treatment of dogs and cats. I use classical homeopathy and nutrition as the main therapeutic tools to aid my patients heal themselves and achieve an optimum state of health. To this end, I also advocate for maintaining allopathic vaccines and drugs to the minimum necessary, as they have proven detrimental to our companions' health.

All my consultations are by appointment. I currently offer:

  • Office consults
  • Phone consults

While phone consults may sound awkward to the generalized thinking that the vet has to be relatively near so s/he can see the animal, in homeopathy this is not only feasible but has become a necessary service for many people to have access to homeopathic treatment for their animal companions, as there are not that many of us trained in homeopathy. Of course, for this type of service, it is important that you have a local vet who can provide you with diagnostic services and support in case emergency care is needed. But the most I need is for you to be observant and to be able to communicate what you observe accurately.

For information on homeopathy, vaccination and nutrition, please visit my informative web page in English at http://www.weim.net/homeovet/English

Hope this is useful, and if you think you would like me to help your animal heal him/herself, please do not hesitate to call or send an email to set up an appointment. Thank you.

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